This New Yorker cartoon is paraphrasing Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing to writing. All you do…

Finding the best wordThis New Yorker cartoon is paraphrasing Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Today’s writers bleed a little less thanks to the computer’s xxxxxxx word processing capabilities. I’ve also found  that if I write my first draft with a xxx pencil I bleed a little less. It’s xxxxx x xxx probably xxxxxx about as easy to scratch out a word,…

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29 September 2014 ·

Visited Writer’s Block Today

Visited Writer’s Block Today

Yes, it was a terrible morning, but at least I got something out of it. If I write  enough, I always do…

Writer's block

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25 September 2014 ·

But What Is the R E A L Meaning?

But What Is the R E A L Meaning?

What Did the Author MeanThe one time I took a Poetry Writing Course about the only thing I learned was that people find much more meaning in a poem than the author probably intended.

I wrote what I saw as a nice little poem about a leaf falling, fluttering in the breeze, bouncing along the ground, traveling far from its original home to until it was raked up into a pile of leaves and burned.

When I wrote it I had fun…

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23 September 2014 ·

Feeling Magical

Feeling Magical

29 July 2014 ·

A Man of a Certain Age

A Man of a Certain Age

This is the hard part: I don’t know where to start this. I don’t want to sound like a drooling old pervert, butcoffee shop the fact was, she was quite pretty and I found myself glancing at her in that way that I imagine all older men of mine do – wanting to look, wanting to admire, wanting to imagine, but not wanting to get caught at it.

If this was a love story, I would begin it there: with me looking, but…

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29 July 2014 ·

Not Writing

Not Writing

27 July 2014 ·

Punctuation Is Taking Over My Life

Punctuation Is Taking Over My Life

Funny thing – I’m starting to talk as if I’m sending a text.punctuation

Awhile ago my daughter suggested I get a smart phone, so I looked around and after a while found something that fit my budget: an android phone and Virgin Mobile. That was about five years ago.

Then she suggested texting, saying rather than calling or emailing it would be easier and more efficient if we communicated via text. I tried it…

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22 July 2014 ·

Looking at an Unusual Search Engine: Seenapse

Looking at an Unusual Search Engine: Seenapse

I’m not sure what to make of a new search engine’ an inspiration engine, which is still in it’s infancy: SeenapseSeenapse, . Right now, it might not be better than Google for what it does – brainstorm and draw associations – but as the database grows, I’m told and its algorithm improves it will get better and improve at drawing unusual combinations.

As a writer it could help my creativity – with scene…

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20 July 2014 ·

Review: Stargirl

Stargirl (Stargirl, #1)Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first glance I thought Stargirl was going to be just a silly high school romance story and in some ways it was, but in many ways it wasn’t.

I decided to read it because I’d heard that Jerry Spinelli was an excellent writer and that this was one of his best books.

The title character, Stargirl, is a quirky, free spirit who plays a ukulele,…

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7 July 2014 ·

Review: Food Rules

Food Rules: An Eater's ManualFood Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book isn’t a children’s book. There are a number of pictures in it, but it’s not a Picture Book, nor is it Middle Grade or Young Adult. However, it is a book with rules that if adopted, can help reduce the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S.

Another book by Michael Pollan about food. Actually, this book is about eating.…

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2 July 2014 ·

Review: Small Steps

Small Steps (Holes, #2)Small Steps by Louis Sachar

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved Small Steps by Louis Sachar. Anytime a book leaves me imagining what happened to the protagonist it’s a good book. And anytime I finish the book feeling good or pensive or even excited, it’s a good book.

I stumbled across this book while looking for another book, but having read Sachar’s Holes, I decided to pick it up, thinking it might be…

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1 July 2014 ·

Small Children and Smart Phones

Small Children and Smart Phones

A few days ago I watched a child, about six, reach into her little purse, pull out an iPhone, sit on a store two children playing with smart phonesshelve where she started playing Angry Birds.

For a long time I’ve been appalled by the number of small children who have very expensive phones that they use more as toys than as communication devices. When a child is given a phone to keep in touch with parents, that’s a very good thing.…

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24 June 2014 ·

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